Outsource Mortgage Trailing Documents Services

Our Mortgage Trailing Documents and processing services ensure that all the documents needed for processing a loan are filed and maintained properly

Expert Mortgage Assistance has over 10 years of experience in providing robust back office support for lenders with the scanning and management of loan records that trail new mortgage originations. We obtain and record documents like the deed of trust, lender's title policy, lien waivers, private mortgage insurance policies and more to help lenders avoid issues related to compliance violations. Our checklist-based approach to scanning mortgage trailing documents protects lenders from fines and penalties.

As a premier mortgage documents trailing company, we bank on modern-day cutting-edge document management systems to scan and track all document types effectively. Our effective procedure to flag missing documents and other vital loan specific contracts helps you miss out on nothing. Our proficiency in establishing accurate trailing and in record turnaround makes is why our clients prefer to outsource Mortgage Trailing Documents services to us.

Our all Inclusive Mortgage Trailing Documents Services

Document Preparation & Scanning

We set up a document receipt system to receive your trailing documents. We pick them up on a daily basis and prepare them for the scanning procedure. We perform a complete assessment of the loan file to make sure they contain all the required documents. After an in-depth review of the documents for missing information we scan them using our proprietary document management systems. Once the documents are scanned we generate reports logging their completion for future reference. Our scanning services are governed by GSE regulations for loan document quality maintenance.


We generate periodic reports to give you a detailed download of the quality of the loan files before they are digitized onto your database. We use effective flagging systems to immediately bring missing information to the attention of the appropriate party in your mortgage loan approval process. Our reporting services give you a bird’s eye view of your trailing documents onboarding process.

Workflow Management

As an expert Mortgage Trailing Documents and processing services company, we are well versed with setting up efficient workflows to ensure the accuracy of all loan files that are digitized. We work closely with your mortgage professionals to establish a bespoke solution that is best suited for your work culture. Our workflow management service focuses on creating high-quality processes that protect you from legal complications originating from lapses in loan document quality.

Bulk Mortgage Scanning

For lenders who are compiling loans for sale in the secondary market, we set up bulk mortgage file scanning systems to enable quick turnaround times in loan information digitization. We set up our document management tool to scan loan files into single PDF files so you can supply concise loan portfolios for sale. Our bulk scanning service will propel your time to cash with loan sales in the secondary securities market. All this comes with complete assurance in the quality of loan information that is being boarded.

Document Audit

Our audit service is designed to identify inconsistencies in all the digitized loan information. We perform periodic audits to verify information compliance and quality. Our multi-tier document review system uncovers even the smallest of problems in the loan information. Our services keep your mortgage data GSE audit ready at all times and keep you safe from the risks originating from inaccurate information in vital documents like the deed of trust and title information.

Why Outsource Mortgage Trailing Document Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

We are a global Mortgage Trailing Documents services company with extensive experience in managing an efficient scanning and review system of certifications, title information, deed of trust and other disclosures. Our services ensure that you have completed files in your loan portfolio at all times. Our diligent document trailing services make use of cutting edge document management tools and best industry practices to ensure compliance, accuracy and quality of loan files in your database. We store all trailing documents and establish a reporting system that give you an update of all the missing information and inconsistencies in loan files. Our focus on the quality of loan files has helped us become the trusted back office support partner of numerous mortgage lenders across the globe.

Here are some of the other benefits that you get by choosing our services as an expert mortgage trailing documents and scanning services:

  • A team of 1000+ mortgage professionals with extensive experience in document collection, validation and review
  • Use of M-suite a complex document management tool to automate the process of document indexing and data extraction
  • Implementation of process automation to help lenders keep track of title company and closing agent activity through alerts and notifications
  • Quality based scanning and document collection system with 100% accuracy in recorded loan information
  • Compliance with GSE regulations and guidelines for loan records management
  • Full suite of loan file scanning services that includes effective scanning, title policy management and seamless access to digitized files at all times
  • Customized document scanning services to suit lender specific requirements
  • 100% data privacy with full security and data backup

Looking for an expert Mortgage Trailing Documents company to take charge of your loan files maintenance process? Outsource Mortgage Trailing Documents to us for a high quality solution.