Outsource Mortgage and Compliance as a Service

Our mortgage and compliance as a service solution provides you with robust compliance support in all stages of mortgage processing

Our mortgage compliance services provide you with robust and meticulous support to keep your processes compliant with all federal mandates.

Expert Mortgage assistance has over 10 years of experience in proving lenders with comprehensive back office support services for mortgage and compliance as a service offering. Our transformational approach to compliance reviewing ensures all elements of your mortgage process are compliant with the guidelines established by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

As a leading Mortgage and compliance service company, we reduce the need for lenders to constantly have a separate team to oversee the tedious process of compliance and regulatory requirements. We leverage tools that seamlessly integrate with your existing compliance infrastructure to help you generate loans that perfectly meet regulatory audit requirements. Our clients Outsource Mortgage Compliance as a service to reduce the overall cycle times and risks involved with the repurchase of a mortgage loan.

Our End-to-end Mortgage and Compliance as a Service Solution:-

Expert Mortgage Assistance specializes in a range of mortgage and compliance outsourcing services. Our streamlined workflow is designed to carry out an end-to-end check for compliance and is customized to meet the specific business requirements of our clients. Some of our services include:

Loan Set up and Origination:-

Our comprehensive solution enables you to stay ahead of regulatory issues with the use of workflows that enhance the efficiency of the mortgage loan origination process. Our services give you a checklist-based approach to the receipt of important customer documents based on a predetermined workflow that takes into consideration all the regulatory requirements of the Loan origination process.

Property Appraisal:-

As a global, mortgage and compliance as a service company we keep track of changes to appraisal guidelines. We provide lenders with the right information at the right time with our service. We assist lenders in reviewing reports for accurate reporting of property and market conditions as per regulatory requirements. We make it a point to meet ensure one key compliance issue in the process and that is complete appraisal independence at all times during the process. We maintain an approved list of appraisers to ensure that all the regulatory requirements of the property appraisal process are met.

Loan Underwriting:-

Our mortgage and compliance as a service for lenders comply with FHA, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae loan underwriting guidelines. As per the requirements, we provide back office support as per a defined set of objective standards set by the bodies; include a well- defined ‘compensating factors’; and consider all those loan characteristics, such as high debt-to-income ratios and a lack of financial reserves that can result in high rates of default and foreclosure, as mandated by the governing bodies.

Loan Closing:-

We create and maintain a closing checklist of documents and reports to ensure that the approval status of all the items required for the closing process is fulfilled as per compliance requirements. We assemble all legal and title documents including disclosures as per the terms of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines. We follow a meticulous level of review of all documents that are required to be a part of the loan closing package.

Loan Post-Closing:-

As an experienced mortgage and compliance as a service company, we provide a true comprehensive solution that handles all the compliance requirements of the post-closing stages as well. We check documents to ensure they meet mandatory requirements like customer signatures on important post-closing documents such as deeds of trust and promissory notes, title information etc. We closely audit all the information included in all the documents to ensure that they match the standard compliance and regulatory requirements

Why Outsource Mortgage and Compliance as a Service to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

We combine the best of technology and mortgage industry expertise to make compliance as a hallmark of your services. We help you cope with an increasingly complex regulatory environment in mortgage loan process today. Our service is dedicated to moving your business away from the traditional approach and towards the enhanced version that meets regulatory requirements at all times. Our service standardizes your mortgage process and keeps it audit ready while also managing to improve the efficiency of your end-to-end mortgage process.

The following are some of the benefits that you get by outsourcing mortgage and compliance as service to us:-

  • Access to a team of 1000+ mortgage professionals, analysts and technology experts
  • A formalized compliance program with procedures and policies
  • Regularly educate employees on changes to regulatory requirements
  • Integration of compliance requirements across all elements of the mortgage process
  • Use of advanced technology like automation, cloud integration, analytics to deliver fast and robust business outcomes
  • Multi-tier review mechanism
  • Flexibility to scale operations by 50% under increased work loads

Looking for an experienced mortgage and compliance as a service company to take charge of your compliance requirements? Outsource mortgage and compliance as a service to Expert Mortgage Assistance to always ensure that you stand on the right side of federal mandates.